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sims yup sims

You will be happy - more likely, relieved - to know that I've decided to "finish" the Thropp saga. But there's still a few generations post about before the end. Anyway, it's "finished" in the sense of "The savefile is getting hard to save/load because too many Sims, I can't be bothered to stretch out this family tree any more, and the final Sims born are really awesome and I love them."

recap: Elphaba and Fiyero had three kids - Bebop Bapper, Boppin' Jumba and Liirina. About 14 generations later, I named six kids after Animorphs (five of them are half-siblings), and now they're having children. Blah blah blah.

Well. Last time we met Cassie Nova (green ghost witch), Zora (glowing ghost) and Goron (fairyboy). As for the other Animorphs, Rachel and Tobias - Rachel had a fling with Chase Thropp and Tobias got together with Navi Zelda.

Chase Thropp is Liirina's son, and therefore Elphaba/Fiyero's grandson. So he died a very long time ago. However he had no children, and THIS MUST BE REMEDIED. So Rachel's bff Cassie, with her witchly powers, resurrected him as a zombie and then cured the zombie part. Rachel immediately got him into bed and became pregnant.

Rachel is blue with purple hair like her mother (Ithinketta Not), and Chase is just... boring. There was probably a reason why he didn't procreate. I'm not sure who the other person is.

Their son was Ishall Not.


Unlike his mother, he was not a vampire. He always got a little freaked out when Rachel showed him her fangs.

He dyed his hair grassy green because he did not like his boring brown Chase-like hair.

And as for the last Animorph, Tobias - he lived next door to his friend Marco's family, the Zelda's. Marco's father was Sheik Zelda, and her aunt was Sheik's sister Navi Zelda.

Tobias is the turquoise hairy werewolf, Navi is the scarily skinny scrubs-wearing girl.

Navi was quite pretty although she had freakishly large eyes due to her Na'vi genes. (As in, the Pandora Na'vi from Avatar.) Tobias... was a werewolf. But Navi took pity on his beastial form, even though she was an elegant young vampire.

Here is their son Tatltael Zelda, having a nice little play werewolf fight with his mystery werewolf girlfriend, who will be introduced in the next post I guess. Tobias and Navi are blissfully asleep - though probably not for long. Tatltael is a green werewolf with a mohican! How is that not awesome.

Also I think the reason nearly all my Sims are unhealthily skinny is because I use cheats to make sure they never need to eat, but they do automatically use the treadmill to lose weight. Hmm.



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Sep. 23rd, 2012 07:23 pm (UTC)
Gahhhhhhhh I finally sprung for Supernatural (didnt buy food for two weeks, living off of scraps of stolen leftovers from the fridge) and as soon as I installed it MY HARD DRIVE BROKE so I had to order a new one from my savings SOBBBBBBBBBBBB I AM SO JEALOUS


anyway i have no idea how you managed to come up with funny names for so long. And your Sims so colorful and pretty!
Sep. 23rd, 2012 09:18 pm (UTC)
D: D: what a shitty situation, I hope your next hard drive is more durable! And that your finances are ok with it. you WILL play soon, dw. it will happen.

I think my Sim names start off interesting and funny and turn into vicious circles of self referencing, along with expecting everyone else in the world to be interested in Zelda/Les Mis/Gakuen Alice/butts as I am. also the colourful skin is from this mod http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=390123 and I probably wouldn't call Tobias or Tatltael pretty lol.
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