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Last Sims post was here, in case you need catching up, lol.

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blue-skinned monkeys

I made Avatar sims. Awesome elf-ear mod is awesome.

Butterflyboy von Doom and his wife, Azipheral, are rejects from Pandora. This is because Butterflyboy has silly hair - and silly tattoos - and because Azipheral is a techno-lovin' outdoors-hating slob of an anti-Na'vi.

They now have a kid called Anathema von Doom.

related sidenote: I always manage to pronounce Aziraphale wrong when I'm squeeing about Good Omens.


lots of new sims

Not much story, but quite a few pictures of quite a few Sims. I spent most of my day attempting to patch my Sims game to the latest version, getting error messages, uninstalling and reinstalling various programs, backing up files all over the place, getting my mods to work with the new version, finding new mods for the ones that really don't work, covering my desktop in folders and instructions and random files, and finally finding a no-cd crack for this new version so that I could actually play it.

I hate patches.

So, back to the game. Not a whole lot of dysfunctionality here... I think I will go off and create a few more Sims along the silly lines of Bob la Fatte, and see where the world/Thropp family takes them.

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les miserables + sims 3 = wtf

Okay, this doesn't actually have much to do with Les Mis other than the names, and more to do with complete confusion over my Sims couples.

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Here is a family of Butz.

Wildew Annie Butz (lol it's 'will do any butts' giggle) is a lobster-red girl with a green/blue/purple mohawk. Her brother, Anee Vildoo Butz, is a pale blue zombie (with a nice splosh of eyeshadow and bright red lipstick) video-gaming loser. Wildew met her soulmate, Enny Butz Wildoo, who is a slightly overweight face-paint-wearing man with fluorescent blond hair. These three all lived happily together in the Butthouse. It's a house in the shape of a butt. Awesome. The carpet inside spells out "Butz".

Wildew Annie Butz and Enny Butz Butz (nee Wildoo) had two children - Lady, Ilkyeur Butz and Dude, Wairsmi Butz. (The side effect of us calling each other over large people-filled rooms with the words, "Lady, I like your butt!", hearing the reply, "Dude, where's my butt?" and then giggling like idiots was not intended. Well, not /fully/ intended.) Anyway, the Lady was a clone of her mother and the Dude was a clone of his father.

Lady, Ilykeur Butz met Chance Thropp (Liirina's son) who was at that time a good looking adult. He had just come out of a terrible relationship with one of the Bob la Fattes, but she wasn't to know that. After a massive amount of flirting
friend: I think he's gay.
they finally slept together. I zoomed back onto the couple after telling Wildew Annie and Anee Wildoo to cook or whatever, and found that Chance had magically turned into an old man overnight. Lady, Ilykeur Butz was so disgusted that she never spoke to Chance again. She soon gave birth to two daughters, Ilykbigg and Alotta Butz. She now lives with them as a single mum somewhere else in town.

Meanwhile, back at the Butthouse, Anee Vildoo Butz impregnated a random girl in town. I can't remember what happened to them.


My sister hasn't played Sims since that irritating 'friend' borrowed our Sims 1 CDs and never gave them back all those years ago, so she was very excited at the prospect of making her own Sims 3 people.

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In other news, Lucinda the blue ghost and the MIRACLE CHILD (yeah, that's always going to be capitals) Jammy Dodger, her cousin, had a drunk night of slightly incestuous mod-hack-ness which resulted in her getting pregnant. She gave birth to a ghost baby and named him Machoman.

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In other other news, I totally did not make Nathaniel Howe and Anders-lookalike Sims just to see them do this:
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Their household description is "IT'S DRAGON AGE WOOOOOOO", which descibes my attitude towards them perfectly.

Now I have a great urge to make a whole set of Gakuen Alice characters and burn Natsume to death.