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sims 3 update!

So I installed Sims 3 Supernatural. It's so great! Wooo.

Last Sims post was here.

Okay, so last time we went through the Kudude kids, named after Animorphs. They are all half-siblings, since their father was Ayame Kudude (purple guy with unicorn facepaint). I turned most of them into various supernatural beings, also there are some amusing pictures of random Supernatural moments.

Jake Reaper was the son of a retired Grim Reaper, and he has a completely pitch-black skintone because of this. And... nothing much happened to him.

Cassie Thropp-Doom has obvious Na'vi genes, and she's green. She became an alchemist witch. Because she is green.

Hahaha. In a fit of rage, she had pelted Jake with spells until he pissed himself. Then she froze him, and it looks like freezing someone while they're in a puddle freezes them into an ice statue. Or rather, a urine statue. Ew.

Tobias Sekemoto is the son of Lucinda Sekemoto, an ancient elderly ghost. His skin is kind of... turquoise... and he has scary hawk-like eyebrows. He became a werewolf.

He also fell in love with Navi Zelda (she is Sheik's sister, so she's Marco's aunt). But that's a story for another day.

Marco Zelda is the daughter of Sheik. She has Hylian (pointed and elf-like) ears and was a vampire, but otherwise looks pretty normal. She became a fairy, but not before biting Rachel and turning her into a vampire.

Before she became a fairy, she had a minor accident with the magic jelly bean bush. I think she ate some glowing jelly beans and then some "set you on fire!" jelly beans.

Here are Tobias and Marco being werewolfy and fairy-y.

... and yeah, Rachel-Iduetta Not became a vampire. Also she is blue.


As we've seen, Marco really liked magic jelly beans. Unfortunately, she ate a jelly bean of death and... died.

Jake (black dude), Tobias (turquoise dude) and Cassie (green girl) look on, as Marco collapses in front of her favourite jelly bean bushes. Tobias seems a bit more concerned with his laptop dying.


And that's basically what I did today.

Left to right: Tobias being a werewolf, Cassie being an evil witch, Rachel being a classy vampire, and Marco being THE MOST AWESOME PURPLE GHOST FAIRY EVER. Offscreen: Jake being boring.


On the other side of town, we catch up with another branch of The Family (The Family being all the children of Elphaba and Fiyero). I mentioned a couple of couples getting pregnant in the second-to-last Sims post before this one - they were SacredBob Cousland/Anal Ysis Thropp, and Mariarse Sekemoto/Ruto Thropp.

(If you're interested, Anal Ysis is another completely black son of Death as well as the grandson of Boppin' Jumba and Katina. Mariarse comes from a chain of ghosts and has a stupidly complicated heritage. Ruto is blue and the current "heir of Fiyero" i.e. the oldest child of the oldest child of etc of Fiyero and Elphaba.)

SacredBob and Anal Ysis had a daughter named Anal Ytical.

She has Fiyero's hair!!

Ruto and Mariarse had a son called Unnamed Child.

He has Elphaba's hair and Na'vi eyes!!

... I get way too excited about family genetics and inherited features.

They got married...

... and their butler mopped the floor because she is a butler. This screenshot was taken before I uninstalled Pets. Obviously. Since there is a dog there too.

And their kid was called Aximili Rutela Cousland-Thropp because the Animorphs still need their alien sixth member, and also in memory of her grandmother Princess Ruto.

Yeah, she is now going out with Marco yay. Ax has Elphaba's purple-black hair too, so double yay. Woo.



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Sep. 16th, 2012 03:19 pm (UTC)
Ughh, I wish I didn't have lesson plans to write up a huge paper due this week. I miss the Sims so much. My desktop computer died earlier in the summer and took my longest living family with it.

Looks like the Kudude household could use a butler, too. I'm looking at that fairy's death and thinking, "Look at that dirty toilet!" Haha, maybe that's why my own Sim families are never interesting--I worry too much about the chores!
Sep. 18th, 2012 08:30 pm (UTC)
Aw, that sucks :( - both the busy week and the dead computer.

Yeah, I have to admit that "actually playing the game" is not really one of the things I do, and that includes making sure they have a nice house! (I remember the houses I built in the original Sims, when they didn't have mobile phones - basically one piece of wall with a phone on it. Lol.)
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