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the cool dude's brood of Animorphs

Ayame Kudude's aim in life was to have sex with five different Sims in five different places. Now, since he was obviously of a different species, being purple, he was obviously not subject to the same rules of reproduction as regular Sims are. Obviously. And this obviously isn't a shallow justification for mpreg so that I can construct my family tree lines, nope.


His first victim, as we saw in the last post, was Lucinda Sekemoto the elderly immortal ghost. She was in fact the granddaughter of Elphaba herself, which shows just how elderly she was - although not as elderly as Boppin' Jumba and Katina, who were from the generation before hers. Lucinda was the daughter of Bebop Bapper, you see.

Ayame Kudude's second victim was the retired Grim Reaper. He had been rooming with Elphaba ever since Mariette Thropp, his true love, had passed away. I think she was something like Elphaba's great-great-great-granddaughter, but I'm not sure. So basically he and Lucinda had been living there for a long time before Ayame came into their lives.

Kawaii Cat was Ayame's friend and confidant. His Holiness the Grand Cat - the blue starry guy - was actually Ruto's pet, but he was quite fond of the Grim Reaper. Awww.

Somehow Ayame managed to get Lucinda and the Grim Reaper pregnant. He is just that Ku.

.... since Death and elderly ghosts aren't exactly meant to get pregnant in-game, we get floating heads.


Soon, two healthy baby boys were born.

This is Jake Reaper, son of the Grim Reaper. He has cool hair! So now you know what Ayame's hair colour is under that Ku Hat.

When his half-brother was born, I was planning on naming the kids after Animorphs anyway but the game had automatically given him Tobias already! Clearly Ayame's family is just fated to be...

Tobias Sekemoto is turquoise and has hawk-like eyebrows. Those eyebrows are quite impressive, really. I believe Tobias's hair is actually the hair of his grandmother Bebop Bapper, which is also quite impressive!

sidenote: While Ayame was looking for love, so was his sidekick Kawaii Cat. She found His Holiness the Grand Cat while he was visiting the Grim Reaper. Things just... happened.

Death, why are you so creepy. Why is there a raccoon there. Why.



One of the kitties was automatically named Majora, so I renamed the other two Ocarina and... Linkke. (It's feminine. Oh ho ho.)



There's this dude called McSpanksies Thropp-Doom living around town. He's... uh.... definitely descended from the Na'vi family on one side, probably Bee von Doom, because you can see it in his face, and his surname says that he's descended from the Thropps as well. I think the Thropp side is through Heurmyony Thropp, daugher of Susanaoi and distant descendant of Liirina, since she is McSpanksies's grandmother as well as Bee von Doom's father who was a descendant of Bebop Bapper.

Oh yeah, I remember now. Bee von Doom had a MIRACLE CHILD with Heurmyony Thropp, and that was McManly. McManly fell in love with a human and vampirised her, and their son was McSpanksies.

I accidentally called him McDude in the post where he was introduced, sorry. His real name is McSpanksies.

Not that anyone really cares about that. So here he is:

Yup, definitely some Na'vi genes there. That blond guy behind them is McManly, his father.

Basically everyone is watching Kawaii Cat destroy a table - the dusty mess just behind Ayame. From left to right - Cheri (McSpanksies's mum), Ayame Kudude, McSpanksies, Heurmyony Thropp (one of McManly's mums) and McManly (McSpanksies's dad).

Kawaii Cat is just too cute.

Anyway, here is the result. Ayame is so badass that he can impregnate Death, so getting a regular Na'vi-tainted vampire man pregnant was no challenge for his Ku-ness.

This is... Cassie Thropp-Doom! Her dad is venting about bad hair days to her, it seems.

She is Cassie because she is visibly Na'vi-related and green, and therefore the token minority. It looks like she's inherited Fiyero's hair as well, awesome.

Soon after Cassie was born and aged up to adult unnaturally fast, tragedy struck. You see, Heurmyony was feeling more and more out of place in this household - since her lover died, she had not gotten on well at all with her son and his family, and now the fact that she was living with her great-granddaugher was making things worse. She told all this to her sister Dangerou, who was back living with their scary mother Susanaoi. (She is called Susanaoi because she is the granddaughter of Death [Discworld] and a pyromaniac immune to fire [Gakuen Alice].)

Dangerou sympathised and Heurmyony decided that she'd also move back into her childhood home with her sister and mother.

Then they murdered McManly. Because they are evil pyromaniac vampires.

Left to right - Susanaoi and her children Dangerou and Heurmyony, thinking and shouting about the recent murder of Heurmyony's son McManly.

Susanaoi and her daughters are pretty scary.



There was a new resident in town, Ithinketta Not. [She was created by my friend who wanted to make a Sim to join the Family - her name is a reference to the same friend's character in Dragon Age, Ithinknot and his dog Ithinkso. But Ithinketta is female, and apparently Ithinketta is more feminine than Ithink.]

She was strangely popular among the old ladies.

Boppin' Jumba probably counts as an old lady.

Ithinketta soon fell for Ayame's otherworldly charms.

... and then she convinced Ayame Kudude to move in with her, since her own house was much larger and more luxurious than Lucinda's and the Grim Reaper's.

Soon she had given birth to Rachel-Iduetta Not.

... what is Ayame doing. Flexing?? Celebrating??

It looks like I forgot to screencap Rachel-Iduetta as an adult, but we'll see her in the group shot later. She's pretty distinctive. Looks exactly like her mum, really.



Ayame Kudude was the victim of a cruel prank while he went skinny-dipping. Ithinketta had stolen his clothes! So he was forced to go about town in a towel for the rest of his life. It was just too awful.

He soon found another family to wile his way into.

Remember Heurmyony and Dangerou? Heurmyony's child was McManly, as we saw. Dangerou's children were Teacake and Zelda.

Teacake married and became human because she was just too wimpy to be a vampire - her daughter was Ruto.

Zelda married Boobface Zelda and changed her name to Zelda Zelda. Their son was Sheik Zelda. (Boobface is the name I gave Link in Ocarina of Time.)

The passion was still alive after all these years. Boobface had grown old, although his faithful fairy still accompanied him, although Zelda was still young due to her vampire-ness.

So then Ayame came along and met Zelda Zelda.

... still in his towel.

Then he met her son.

And with that, he had completed his lifetime goal! He was pretty happy about that. Since he had no more reason to sleep around, he quickly went exclusive with Sheik although he is still living with Ithinketta and their daughter.

He still hadn't found his clothes yet.

Sheik was also impregnated, as you probably guessed, and his daughter was Marco Zelda.


Jake, Marco, Rachel, Tobias and Cassie. Go team Kudude! We have a son of Death, a girl with Hylian ears, a blue girl, the turquoise son of a ghost, and a green Na'vi. Oh yeah.



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Jul. 16th, 2012 08:12 am (UTC)
I think your Sims have the greatest gene pool ever.
Jul. 16th, 2012 07:05 pm (UTC)
The gene pool is getting sadly small these days though, because I can't find anyone for these guys to marry. I only realised later that because they were all half-siblings, I probably wouldn't be able to put my Jake/Cassie, Tobias/Rachel plan into action...

I guess I should go find a Sim to resurrect. Jammy Dodger is probably the best candidate, :D. Unless you have any favourite Sims that you vaguely remember me rambling about and screenshotting?
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