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Oh man, I forgot I hadn't posted the last bit of Sims and now I'm completely confused. Um. I think we just had the ghosts and Anal Ysis's gay romance to go.

Ghosts! Hmm. Does anyone remember Jammy Dodger? Well, he was Katina and Boppin' Jumba's first MIRACLE CHILD, and he ended up having a short relationship with his cousin, Lucinda.

Lucinda Sekemoto was a granddaughter of Elphaba and Fiyero, by the way. She was turned into a watery ghost because Katina thought ghosts were cool, and she had a few children - Catwoman, Chatfemme, Katzefrau. They all mysteriously disappeared. (Damn game and its ghost baby bugs.) She, for some reason, couldn't die of old age and so lived for generation after generation as an old woman ghost.

She led a sad and lonely life as an immortal ghost, as evidenced by the fact that her car is her Best Friend. (WHAT THE FUCK)

Meanwhile, one of her distant relations, Mariette, was having relations with a Grim Reaper. The Reaper moved in and retired from his job, and after Mariette was taken by the new Grim Reaper (presumably one recently promoted from his apprenticeship), the old retired but still immortal Reaper moved in with Lucinda. This guy is not to be confused with Anal Ysis's father, the very much active new Reaper.

This is all a recap so you should already know this. YEAH.

The retired Grim Reaper also led a sad and lonely existence.

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER wow this glitch is hilarious

After a few more generations, I found these two and decided that the obvious thing to do was to make babies.

Unfortunately, old women are not designed in this game to have babies.

Here, Zelda Zelda is talking to... Lucinda's floating head.

The baby was born and grew into a fine young ghost. She was named Enjolarse. I suppose the retired Grim Reaper missed his old love Mariette and her friends Eponincompoop, Snuffbox, Mmadeleine, Fonteen, etc...

Here is Enjolarse with... um, I should remember this because I brought him back from the dead purely to sex up Enjolarse, but I've forgotten. Hmm.

I think it's Cosiere? Or.... ah shit it probably doesn't matter. One of the dead people in the family tree that didn't have that many descendants.

Enjolarse went and stole some Ambrosia from Boppin' Jumba. She was a real girl now!

She has cool purple hair like her grandmother, Bebop Bapper.

Of course, Boppin' Jumba and Katina were none too pleased when they found out about the theft.

I believe Katina has just hit her with a hammer.

And somehow turned her into a pile of ashes.

That is Anal Ysis in the back there, by the way. Not that it really matters.

She was soon revived as an ORANGE ghost, woo, and found comfort in the arms of.... that other ghost whose name I've forgotten but is an important member of the Family.


After some Sim-days, they had a kid.

This wild-haired lady was called... The Big Arse.

I believe this is a reference to Grantaire.


OHHH I remember who that guy is! The Big Arse's father is, in fact, Snuffbox. (Snuffbox married Patta Butz-Thropp and ... er, had some kids. I think Snuffbox is the grandfather of those half-Na'vi siblings. Anyway, that woman he was crying about in his first picture here is Patta.)

Anyway, the point is, The Big Arse found love in the arms of Bountiful Butz. Here's another blast from the past - the retired Grim Reaper had a kid with Mariette, right. Mariette's mum was Phantasma. Phantasma was part of an awesome secret foursome, along with Anders, Nathaniel and Maya Sis Biggadanur Butz.

Nathaniel and Maya's child was Bountiful Butz.

Sadly it appears that I have forgotten to screencap him.

So here's a nice picture of his son, Mariarse! (mostly because I've forgotten all the other Amis)


... why are his eyes that colour?

To recap, Elphaba gave birth to Bebop Bapper who gave birth to Lucinda who gave birth to Enjolarse who gave birth to The Big Arse who gave birth to Mariarse.

I do not actually have an obsession with butts, however it may seem.



SacredBob Cousland was back in town! I have no idea why! Because I swear he died of old age about five generations ago!

He quickly won over Anal Ysis with his quick wit and charm. They enjoyed conversing about music, it seems.

They also enjoyed naked hot-tubbing -

- and naked cuddling.

(in the world of Dragon Age, my SacredBob Cousland is a king-consort who single-handedly saved the world. he is totally as awesome as the vampire son of death.)

THAT's ALL, GUYS! See you next time.


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Aug. 13th, 2011 03:54 pm (UTC)


As for the piercing, it sounds cool! (Until about two weeks ago I was under the impression that all piercings other than the earlobes were OMG TRASHY but since getting a tattoo I've learned to be less judge-y... so yeah. Haha.) Anyway basically I'd have never thought of such piercings so I obviously can't offer advice, but tell the internet what you decide! And have fun when you go to London! I guess it'll be safe by then and all...?
Aug. 14th, 2011 09:29 am (UTC)
I was pretty pleased with The Big Arse. Now, I just need to make Mariarse have some kids called Jean Prouvarse, Courfeyarse, etc.

Yeah, hopefully everything will be back to normal next week :S. The tattoo/piercing place emailed back saying they're still open, so it should be okay.

basically trying to decide between this
and this

(industrial means a bar through the ear, so that's really two piercings)

Any thoughts?
Aug. 14th, 2011 04:23 pm (UTC)
Hmmmmmmmm. My reaction is that in the second one I can see the bar coming out the bottom, so it's easier for my brain to understand than the first one, where it's just a mysterious piece of metal across that ear...

I'm probably a terrible person to ask due to my complete ignorance on the subject though.

And rock on with all those Sims. You have the most engrossing Sims games of anyone I know by far!
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