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the story of doohood and bob

Continuing from last time, you will recall that Doohood von Poohdle and Bob la Fatte were now a happy, committed couple. After a few days, they began to long for children. Using the magic of game mods and cheats, five babies were spawned.

That girl there is Heurmyony, their vampire housemate.

The spawn soon grew to adulthood. There were three boys and two girls.

Here are two of the boys, Dob and Bod von Poohdle la Fatte.

sweet merciful lord what is that thing in the background

And here are the girls talking, with their other brother serenading them. The girls are Boohood and Doohoob, and the other brother is Boob.


The abominations were deemed too abominable to live, and so by a series of strange events they all... died.

This little piggy burnt to death...

This little piggy starved...
a) Heurmyony looks very business-like; probably saying something like "two down, three to go"  to her contacts,
b) Bob la Fatte ARGHH NO
c) see that little box on the floor, to the right of Heurmyony? That's the ashes of a dead old lady. This is, in fact, the same house that Anders and Nathaniel lived in all those sim-years ago, when the ghost of that old lady would rise up and cause Anders to faint with horror every night.)

This little piggy was electrocuted...
and the next one was drowned, but I forgot to screencap

and the last one was discovered to have a mysterious disease that caused unnaturally rapid aging, and died of old age when he was but two days old.

And then they were all dead.

Oh Heurmyony, why are you upset now?


Heurmyony had a sister called Dangerou. Dangerou Thropp and her partner Sea von Doom (he is half-Na'vi brood, along with his sisters Ay and Bee) had a blue-skinned vampire daughter, Teacake, and Dangerou was pregnant again.

She gave birth to Zelda Thropp. I really don't like dying Sims hair because I like knowing it's all 'natural' and genetic etc, but c'mon Zelda has to be a blonde, not a brunette. With purple bits.

Eek yellow glowing eyes from her Na'Vi forefathers!

There was a newcomer to the neighbourhood, and he was called ...

... Boobface Zelda.

Okay okay, it's because I named my Link in Ocarina of Time "Boobface", and I couldn't think of a good surname so I just went with Zelda. Because, y'know, everyone thinks he's Zelda. (Although personally, I can't stop calling him Boobface and I'm always like "who the fuck is Link.")

Also why is he naked with a slutty lower back tattoo?

Better not to ask.

As fate would have it, Boobface and Zelda fell in love.

Even though Zelda - girl Zelda, that is - is an evil bloodsucking pyromaniac vampire.

They got married, and yes, Zelda is now called Zelda Zelda.

next up: what happened to Teacake? and who the hell is Doohood's sixth child? plus a case of double femmepreg!



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Jul. 8th, 2011 08:27 pm (UTC)
The ugly ones are SO HORRIBLE that the hot one with the blonde hair at the end is like magical by comparison.

OH THE SIMS. How I love thy cracktasticness.
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